Blossom's Social Impact
Blossom was founded with a compassionate spirit and clear objective: to use clinically-effective plant medicines as a tool to support mental wellness.
Our Mission: Mental Health
We started blossom because we never could understand why we don't take things to support our mental wellness every day, like we do our physical wellness. 

We're changing that with clinically-effective, all-natural amino acids that fit effortlessly (and deliciously!) into your daily routine.
Our Social Impact Partner: Add Purpose
Blossom partners with AddPurpose to facilitate investments in causes we care about. 1% of every sale goes to a social purpose ... and you choose which one!
Our Causes
We want to use Blossom’s business as a tool for good, even beyond the work we do on a day-to-day basis, so we commit a portion of every sale to non-profits that are moving the needle on mental health and supporting our local community. 

Learn more about each of them below!
The Jed Foundation
The Jed Foundation helps prevent teen suicide by providing education, training, and tools to build the life skills needed to thrive.
Active Minds
Active Minds mobilizes young adults around mental health advocacy and suicide prevention.
Mental Health Advocacy
Investing directly into mental health organizations across the United States.
Chicago Community
Chicago Community Fund, assists in the support of communities impacted by poverty in Chicago.