our story

blossom was founded with a compassionate spirit and clear objective: to use clinically-effective plant medicines as a tool to support mental wellness.

i personally know how it feels to be wilted by stress, anxiety and burnout, and feeling like there is no effective way to cope. i also know what its like to be disheartened by pharmaceuticals that often overpromise and underdeliver.

i lived a very healthy lifestyle, exercising almost daily and eating as clean as a twenty-something could, but still found myself struggling to focus and dealing with stress, anxiety and mental burnout. my doctor prescribed me a plethora of pharmaceuticals but the side effects far outweighed the minimal relief they offered.

after growing frustrated, i turned to plant medicine. i consulted with dozens of naturopaths and combed through hundreds of clinical studies to determine the most effective and fastest-acting superfoods to enhance mental energy, focus and a calm mind.

instead of choking down capsules, or drinking powdered blends that tasted like dirt, i blended these superfoods into convenient, easy-to-use (and delicious!) instant oat milk latte blends that would allow me to win the day before it even started. 

and i’m confident they can offer you as much support as they have for me. just pick your favorite flavor, add water, mix and sip your way to living life in full bloom. 

be well,