Matcha Latte
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Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

1 pack (10 servings per package)

Our matcha provides sustainable energy (4-6+ hours) as the caffeine is slowly released to the body, unlike the punch-and-crash effect of coffee.

  • includes 3 superfoods
  • oat milk-based mix
  • just add water, mix and sip!

caffeine 100 mg, equal to one cup of coffee







free shipping on orders over $50+

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  • “I’ve been looking for an alternative to my daily coffee, and blossom is the answer. I’ve found that I have...“I’ve been looking for an alternative to my daily coffee, and blossom is the answer. I’ve found that I have more sustained focus and energy when I have blossom, instead of just the caffeine buzz and jitters I get from black coffee.”Read More


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  • “All of the products at Blossom rock. It has balanced out my health, routine, and made my days more productive!”


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  • “I am obsessed with blossom! It is so delicious, and as an avid coffee drinker this is the perfect replacement.”


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  • “I’ve long been searching for an alternative to coffee. This was it! The flavor is fantastic and the feeling I...“I’ve long been searching for an alternative to coffee. This was it! The flavor is fantastic and the feeling I get is even better. I’m alert, energetic, with no crash or jitters.”Read More


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doctor approved

“The blend of simulating caffeine with calming L-theanine & GABA gives me energy and focus without the jitters.”

Dr. Anjali Kasunich | @dranjalind

doctor approved

made with



our caffeine-rich guarana seed extract is sourced from fruits grown in brazil. studies have found that 75mg of guarana seed can fight fatigue and boost alertness.


l-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. studies have found that a 2:1 ratio (l-theanine to caffeine) can improve mental focus.


gaba is an amino acid found in many fruits, vegetables and teas. studies have shown that 100mg can work within an hour to diminish stress, worry and anxiety.

Why matcha is great for metabolism

If you look at almost any weight loss supplement, you’ll see “green tea extract” on the ingredient list. That’s because green tea can help boost metabolism to increase energy expenditure and stimulate fat burning.

One small study showed that taking green tea extract could increase fat burning by 17%. Another study found that it could increase energy expenditure during a 24-hour period compared to a placebo.

boosts brain function
rich in antioxidants
boosts metabolism
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  • classic

    froth, blend or stir two scoops per 8oz hot water for a classic latte.

  • iced

    froth, blend or stir two scoops per 6oz warm water and pour over ice.

  • on-the-go

    shake up two scoops in a blender bottle per 8oz water and enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
They changed the sizing

Love this product and have been buying it for a year, but my most recent purchase came in 6.74 oz instead of the 8.5 oz I’d been receiving. For such a pricey latte, I’m NOT ok with receiving 20% less. I loved supporting small business, but I’ll be canceling my subscription.

Hi! Totally understand the concern.

We did indeed shrink the pouch size a bit. We listened to feedback and heard that the calories were too high and sometimes the consistency was not creamy enough. Our R&D team got to work and we've modified the formula to cut a bit of the oat milk out, but improve the creaminess and flavor in just two scoops of our mix to eight ounces of water. So the package size, while a bit smaller, does deliver the same 10 servings of Blossom at an even better quality per cup.

Love this product

Love the matcha tea. I feel so much calmer every day replacing my coffee with this product.

Amy Falanga
Best Matcha Out There!

After recently switching from drinking coffee to matcha, I can confidentially say that this is the best matcha I've had! I love knowing all the ingredients and it sets my day up for success.

Lindsey Jagoe

Great with honey! Keeps me energized!

Madison Bermudez
Love it!

So easy to make and tastes great. Gives me the energy I need throughout the day without crashing