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golden milk latte


like sunshine in a cup. warm, spicy and comforting with a vibrant and rich aroma. this blend of turmeric, ginger and six other spices is rich in antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory properties. sweetened with a pinch of monk fruit.

infused with guarana, l-theanine and gaba for calm, clear energy.

caffeine: 100mg, like a cup of coffee

10 servings per package

meet the superfoods


our caffeine-rich guarana seed extract is sourced from fruits grown in brazil. studies have found that 75mg of guarana seed can fight fatigue and boost alertness.


l-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. studies have found that a 2:1 ratio (l-theanine to caffeine) can improve mental focus and calm your mind.


gaba is an amino acid found in many fruits and teas. studies have shown that 100mg can work within an hour to diminish stress, worry and anxiety.

how turmeric helps the body combat inflammation

directions for use


froth, blend or stir two scoops per 8oz hot water for a classic latte.


froth, blend or stir two scoops per 6oz warm water and pour over ice.


shake up two scoops in a blender bottle per 8oz water and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Alexis Smith

I drink a mixture of the golden milk and cacao every morning, and it gives me so much focus and energy. It tastes great too!

Michael La Spisa
Great product

My Fiancé loves it!

LOVE this stuff!

I am a 100% single parent, I work full time, and I have chronic health issues which all contribute to my complete lack of energy at the end of the day. BUT since I have been drinking my two scoops a day of blossom, I actually have the energy to not only make dinner after a long day but also do all the dishes before calling it a night. I used to drink a lot of coffee to combat my chronic fatigue and I would get so jittery and my stomach was a mess. The blossom mixes (my favorite being the golden milk) have honestly made mornings a lot better and of course, yummier!
I started mixing a scoop of chai and a scoop of golden milk — highly recommend the combo!

Shelley Paxton

Blossom Golden Milk Latte is delicious, energizing, and boosts your mental wellbeing! Seriously, what’s not to love? Blossom - 1. Coffee - 0.

Tracey Tucker

Golden Milk I didnt think I would like it but AWESOME!!