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say goodbye to caffeine jitters

oat milk lattes infused with clinically-effective levels of superfoods to give you the energy you need, without the jitters.

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superfood lattes
a coffee alternative designed to provide you with calm, clear-minded energy instead of jitters.

our superfoods can counteract caffeine's negative side effects, so you won't be stuck with the jittery jolt all morning.

and our caffeine source, guarana, is designed to release slowly throughout the day, not all at once. so you won't get a morning jolt and afternoon crash.
  • sustained, jitter-free energy (6-9 hours)
  • enhanced focus, alertness & mood
  • easy to make: just add water, mix and sip
  • no 2pm crash
  • 10 servings ($3.50/latte)
cacao latte
golden milk latte
chai latte
sleep latte
our best offer

superfood latte bundle

can't choose one? don't. bundle each of our delicious flavors for big savings!
our superfood latte bundle includes all four of our flavors, each infused with our superfood blend to provide sustained energy, enhance focus, and boost mood. 

cacao: tastes like your favorite hot chocolate or chocolate milk with delicate notes of cocoa, vanilla, and maple. rich in antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, and iron. 

matcha: smooth texture, bright color, and fresh, invigorating flavor. contains 15x the antioxidants of a serving of blueberries.

golden milk: like sunshine in a cup. warm, spicy, and comforting. 4x as much turmeric as a turmeric shot and 2x as much ginger as a ginger shot, making it great for inflammation and digestion.
chai: with a blend of black tea, ginger, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon, our chai is a beautiful balance of smooth and spicy. great for heart health, digestion, and skin protection. 

10 servings per flavor (40 servings total) for $3.00/latte.

how l-theanine prevents caffeine jitters

the calming effects of l-theanine soothe the jitters that caffeine often leaves in its wake, allowing you to reap the benefits of calm, focused alertness.

but do they taste good?

"this is delicious"

"that's great!"

"ooo that's good too!!"

Chicago has been buzzing since Blossom launched at farmer's markets throughout the Chicagoland area in 2022. 

the reactions speak for themselves.

turmeric latte


cacao latte


chai latte


matcha latte


does it actually work?

First time buyer, and love the experience with blossom! Great hot or cold to match the mood of the day. Love that I know it’s giving me the right type of energy while providing meditation-like benefits.

Kevin Gunther

first time buyer

Ever since switching from coffee to Blossom matcha, my days have been changed for the better! I love not only the taste and the ease of making it, but the impacts I’ve been noticing mentally. 

Samatha Doice

Switched from Coffee

Love the taste of my cacao latte and it has replaced my second and third cups of coffee. I get the same energy boost, without the caffeine and the associated jitters, so my focus is much better. Excellent!

Rob Mancuso

No More Jitters

frequently asked questions

Is this coffee?

it's not! while blossom's superfood lattes have a similar amount of caffeine to a cup of coffee, the caffeine comes from guarana. it's tannins cause it to release slowly throughout the day rather than all at once like coffee, so you'll avoid the overwhelming jittery, jolt of energy and afternoon crash. 

Are there nuts in these?

there are no nuts in any of blossom's superfood lattes. each of them use oat milk powder as a base.

Do I add milk?

it's not necessary! blossom's superfood lattes are formulated to be made just by adding hot or cold water.

Are these caffeinated?

yes! there is a similar amount of caffeine in each 8oz serving of blossom's superfood lattes as there is in a cup of coffee: 100mg.

Are they vegan?

yes! blossom's superfood lattes use oat milk powder as a base and are completely plant-based.

How do I make them?

two scoops of our superfood latte powder into 8oz of water. shake, froth, or blend it up - that's it. 

if you prefer iced, we recommend two scoops into 6oz of water, shake, froth, or blend and then pour it over ice. 

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