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sleep latte

our vanilla lavender sleep latte was consciously crafted to help you wake up feeling vibrant and refreshed. with clinically-proven levels of superfoods to quiet your mind, put you to sleep, and keep you asleep.

infused with clinically-effective levels of valerian root, l-theanine and gaba to quiet your mind, put you to sleep, and keep you asleep.

drink one hour before bed.

no caffeine. no melatonin.

10 servings per package

meet the superfoods


l-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. studies have found that 200mg can be a helpful aid for relaxation and reducing stress.

valerian root

valerian is a flowering plant native to Europe and Asia. studies have shown that 450mg of valerian root can reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep by over 50%.


gaba is an amino acid found in many fruits and teas. studies have shown when 100mg of gaba is combined with 200mg l-theanine, it can increase REM sleep by 99% and deep sleep by 20%.

directions for use


froth, blend or stir two scoops per 8oz hot water for a classic latte.


froth, blend or stir two scoops per 6oz warm water and pour over ice.


shake up two scoops in a blender bottle per 8oz water and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Annie Gibson
Very yummy and effective

I loved the lavender flavor and I didn’t wake up once before my alarm clock went off!

Wake up feeling refreshed!

I’ve only used this product for a few nights. But whenever I take this I feel like I not only get sleepy but I wake up feeling very refreshed and feeling like I did get enough sleep. I do still wake up a lot during the night but I can tell when I am asleep it is a deep heavy sleep. Maybe I have to keep taking it to stay asleep!

Anuja Barua
Amazing product !!

Part of my night time ritual , love the taste and it definitely makes me drowsy.

Shora Brooks

its good

Mitch ehly
AMAZING Product! Sleep in peace!

This product is amazing. First off, the taste is off the charts. It is so delicious. We make it warm before going to bed. It's like a warm lavender elixir that will make you sleep so soundly. My wife and I both use Whoop to track fitness and sleep and we've seen noticeable results in more deep sleep and more REM sleep after taking this product. Highly highly recommended.