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golden milk latte


like sunshine in a cup. warm, spicy and comforting with a vibrant and rich aroma. this blend of turmeric, ginger and six other spices is rich in antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory properties. sweetened with a pinch of monk fruit.

infused with guarana, l-theanine and gaba for calm, clear energy.

caffeine: 100mg, like a cup of coffee

10 servings per package

meet the superfoods


our caffeine-rich guarana seed extract is sourced from fruits grown in brazil. studies have found that 75mg of guarana seed can fight fatigue and boost alertness.


l-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. studies have found that a 2:1 ratio (l-theanine to caffeine) can improve mental focus and calm your mind.


gaba is an amino acid found in many fruits and teas. studies have shown that 100mg can work within an hour to diminish stress, worry and anxiety.

directions for use


froth, blend or stir two scoops per 8oz hot water for a classic latte.


froth, blend or stir two scoops per 6oz warm water and pour over ice.


shake up two scoops in a blender bottle per 8oz water and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Ella McDonnell

golden milk latte

Kisook Bozsa

golden milk latte

Betty Tehrani

At first when I tried this cold I didn’t love it. I noticed a difference in my focus so I was determined to try again. I tried it warm and adding some vanilla almond milk in it and loved it. I also like it with unsweetened almond and add a little monk fruit sweetener since I tend to like drinks sweeter. I love it and look for ward to it every morning. It’s replaced my morning tea.

Golden Milk

This is my favorite item out of the four superfood lattes! It blends very well with water and has a nice taste to it. It's not going to be super sweet but you're not drinking these lattes for the taste. It's all about how it makes you feel and how your body reacts. I have noticed significant improvement in reducing the flem in my throat as well as my overall health (No sore throats or headaches). It's similar to Emergen-C in the sense that you know you're putting unbelievable vitamins and nutrients in your body that will protect your immune system. This is the best thing going because it's gives you energy like coffee and also boosts your mental and physical health.

Jamie Stoner
Nutrient packed, delicious, & calming!

After all of the years of hearing about the health benefits of turmeric and wanting to add more to my diet, with blossom, now I finally can! This blend is jam packed with nutrients, tastes delicious, and makes me feel so calm. I love drinking this after my morning workout for a little afternoon pick-me-up. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how much quicker my muscle recover!